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For many years local government agencies including the City of West Palm Beach have supported the Homeless Coalition in our efforts to advocate and provide needed programs and services in the Palm Beach County area. We believe every person who is homeless should be treated with dignity and do not agree with the recent strategy used to deter the homeless from Lake Pavilion. We plan to continue our work in partnership with the City to implement & deploy strategies with a preferred approach that fosters long term solutions to issues facing the homeless community. It is well documented that the needs far outweigh the resources available, waiting lists are long and the lack of affordable housing poses a particularly challenging obstacle for us to overcome.  To this end, we hope local businesses, corporations, and other groups will take this opportunity to join the Homeless Coalition in fulfilling our mission of “Building Coalitions and Inspiring Pathways to Help End Homelessness."

Sophia Eccleston, Board Chair 
Shea S. Spencer, CEO

Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County

For more than 30 years, the Homeless Coalition has been the voice for those who are experiencing homelessness, advocating for their rights and a place they can call home. The Coalition has been a strong leader within the community by recommending policy changes to improve services. It also identifies strategies that can produce results, and gets the message out to the community for prompt action.
The Homeless Coalition’s Policy and Legislative Committee brings issues forward and offers solutions. The Coalition constantly monitors national, state and local legislation and news to distribute information through the Coalition’s communication network including this website and social media outlets.

Lewis Center Luncheon 2019

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Suzy Wilkoff: Homeless Coalition Hero

Just The Facts

Minimum Wage Doesn't Pay the Rent in Palm Beach County
The School District of Palm Beach County Reports
4,414 students are homeless.

Current Needs

  • Toiletries (Full size and travel size)
  • Adult men's & women's undergarments (new)
  • Adult men's & women's socks (new)
  • Diapers all sizes
  • School supplies

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