Pro Bono Consultants

Consultants are vital to the advancement of the Homeless Coalition and the mission to end homelessness. Consultants have the opportunity to host specialty workshops and assist the Homeless Coalition with daily office functions.
  • Each Pro Bono Consultant is interviewed to verify their experience and interests
  • The Pro Bono Consultant and the Volunteer Coordinator select a subject or project
  • The  Volunteer Coordinator works with the consultant to ensure successful project completion
  • Upon completion of the project,  the Pro Bono Consultant and Executive Director or Volunteer Coordinator evaluate the results
  • Projects may lead to a continued relationship between the consultant and the Homeless Coalition– or it may be a one-time project – it’s up to you!
*This opportunity may require an extensive background check due to potential client interaction
Current Needs:
  • Nutritionist
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Planning
  • Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Grant Writing
Ed Mendez, Finance Volunteer
Ed Mendez,
Finance & Accounting 


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Just The Facts

Minimum Wage Doesn't Pay the Rent in Palm Beach County
The School District of Palm Beach County Reports
4,414 students are homeless.

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Karen Smith: Homeless Coalition Hero

Holiday Gifts for Homeless

Please help us make the holidays brighter for those who are experiencing homelessness.
We invite you to shop for homeless children and individuals.