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Donation Room
Donations & Resources at the Lewis Center
The Homeless Coalition welcomes your donations of clothing, household and pantry items at our Donation Room at the Senator Philip D. Lewis Center. The Donation Room is like a mini department store. We have a little bit of everything and it's all free!
Any homeless family or individual who goes through the assessment process at the Lewis Center is eligible to enter the Donation Room and take whatever they need to start over.
The Donation Room is open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. Please call (561) 904-7937 to set up a delivery time.
Breaking Bread, Breaking Barriers Program
The Homeless Coalition is recruiting businesses, organizations and groups to sponor meals for the guests at the Lewis Center through our "Breaking Bread, Breaking Barriers" program. 
Sponsors can provide breakfast, lunch or dinner. We encourage your group to bring the meals to the Lewis Center and break bread with the residents.

Needed Care Essentials

When a family or individual makes the exciting move from homelessness to home, the Homeless Coalition makes sure they are not moving in empty handed.


The Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County is always looking for bicycles in good working condition.

Lack of transportation is a major barrier for the homeless. Your old bike could help an individual struggling to break the cycle of poverty get to work or school each day.


Project Homeless Connect

Success Stories

Just The Facts

Minimum Wage Doesn't Pay the Rent in Palm Beach County
The School District of Palm Beach County Reports
4,414 students are homeless.

Volunteer Spotlight

Karen Smith: Homeless Coalition Hero

Holiday Gifts for Homeless

Please help us make the holidays brighter for those who are experiencing homelessness.
We invite you to shop for homeless children and individuals.