Keeping Families & Pets Together

Relieving Stress 

Blane White, Nora Duke and their daughter Bethany have nine beloved pets. They are part of the family!  From the dogs and cats to the turtles and ferret, each pet helps the family deal with a variety of health challenges.

As a former Marine, Blane lives with disabilities and experiences Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Nora has kidney issues and 18 year old Bethany suffers from anxiety related to her ADHD.  The family says the pets have a calming effect.

When their apartment complex got new owners, the family was required to pay pet deposits on each animal. They feared their fixed income could not cover their rent along with the additional expenses and they would be forced onto the streets.

The veteran organization, Faith*Hope*Love*Charity, Inc. reached out to the Homeless Coalition. The Coalition’s “Keeping Pets & Families Together” Program, which is funded by Banfield Charitable Trust, paid the pet deposits.

Thanks to the Homeless Coalition's “Keeping Pets & Families Together” program turtles Tiny and Tina, cats Charlie and Dahive, dogs, Myki and Chyna, gerbils Mouse and Claira Belle, and Butch the ferret can stay with the White’s in the place they have all shared for the last three years.





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