Volunteer Spotlight

Karen Smith

Karen Smith always felt compelled to give back in her community.  She started donating to a local charity, felt she could do more, and began volunteering at the Homeless Coalition a couple days a week.  Karen’s bright and loving personality permeates through her willingness to serve her community and it shows through the work she does here at the Homeless Coalition.

As a former business owner, Karen lends her expertise and knowledge to solidify smaller fundraisers and writes “how-to-guides” as a guidance for the staff and our volunteers. 

Karen says, “I’m a roll up my sleeves and do what is needed kind of girl” and that is just what she did for our fifth Annual Mayor’s Ball.  This year was her first experience with the Mayor’s Ball and she assisted the Event Coordinator with registration and was a “Ballroom Diva” for the remainder of the evening.

“There needs to be a social change in the thought process about homelessness. I was once homeless myself, not by choice but by circumstance,” she said.  Karen’s devotion to change the perception of homelessness is inspiring.

Thank you Karen for diligently working to end homelessness in our community and for making our day bright with your warm smile and witty personality!

Linda Chandler

If you call the Homeless Coalition, the kind, helpful voice on the other end of the line is most likely Linda Chandler.  Linda answers the phones and helps direct callers to the services they need.  She has been volunteering 20 hours a week in the Homeless Coalition’s administrative offices since August 2016.

Linda says she empathizes with those who are experiencing homelessness and wanted to give back to the community. She heard about the Homeless Coalition through AARP. She is pleased to be able to help people find the right resources

Linda worked for the Palm Beach County School Board for more than two decades. She retired early to care for her husband, Jerry.

Before becoming a volunteer, Linda says she did not realize the enormity of the homeless issue. She says she is encouraged that we can end homelessness in Palm Beach County when she sees the proactive, passionate nature of the Homeless Coalition staff.

Thank you Linda for your dedication to our team!



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Minimum Wage Doesn't Pay the Rent in Palm Beach County
The School District of Palm Beach County Reports
4,414 students are homeless.

Volunteer Spotlight

Karen Smith: Homeless Coalition Hero

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