Volunteer Spotlight

Rebecca Rosen

If Rebecca Rosen represents the next generation, then rest assured we are in very capable hands. The senior at Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida in Boca Raton is already an advocate for the least fortunate in our community.

Instead of traveling or hanging out with friends at the beach, Rebecca has been volunteering 20 hours a week with the Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County.   The 17-year-old says she wanted to do something meaningful with her summer.

Rebecca’s primary assignment has been helping to plan Project Homeless Connect.  She says she is looking forward to the upcoming outreach day in Delray Beach.  Project Homeless Connect will be Rebecca’s first direct contact with those who are experiencing homelessness. She will be greeting clients and volunteers as they arrive at the event.  She says she was most surprised to learn that Palm Beach County does not have walk up shelters for the homeless, but encouraged to learn there are many ways people can help. 

Thank you Rebecca Rosen for your dedication to our community. We are excited to see how you are going to change the world. 


Linda Chandler

If you call the Homeless Coalition, the kind, helpful voice on the other end of the line is most likely Linda Chandler.  Linda answers the phones and helps direct callers to the services they need.  She has been volunteering 20 hours a week in the Homeless Coalition’s administrative offices since August 2016.

Linda says she empathizes with those who are experiencing homelessness and wanted to give back to the community. She heard about the Homeless Coalition through AARP. She is pleased to be able to help people find the right resources

Linda worked for the Palm Beach County School Board for more than two decades. She retired early to care for her husband, Jerry.

Before becoming a volunteer, Linda says she did not realize the enormity of the homeless issue. She says she is encouraged that we can end homelessness in Palm Beach County when she sees the proactive, passionate nature of the Homeless Coalition staff.

Thank you Linda for your dedication to our team!



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Just The Facts

Minimum Wage Doesn't Pay the Rent in Palm Beach County
The School District of Palm Beach County Reports
4,295 students are homeless.

Volunteer Spotlight

Rebecca Rosen: Young Advocate 

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