Real Change Movement

Are you moved by the plight of the homeless? Do you wonder how you can help? This is your opportunity to take action and create lasting change.
Studies show that when you give to a good cause and help others, you become measurably happier. So join the Real Change Movement and Be Happier!

The Real Change Movement

The Real Change Movement is a partnership between the Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County and the City of West Palm Beach. The program focuses on raising awareness about the issues of homelessness and generating new funds to help make a difference.   
The public can help fund housing for the homeless in West Palm Beach by making a donation with a credit card or change through ten orange meters scattered throughout the city. These specially designed meters are symbols of help and hope, and are easy to spot with their bright, bold orange look. 
It takes $3000 to get one person off the streets and into housing. Check out our fundraising thermometer to follow our progress. 

Donate Where You Dine

A unique aspect of the Real Change Movement WPB is the introduction of our homes for the homeless donation boxes. Drop your change into these these house shaped boxes located at businesses and restaurants throughout West Palm Beach. 
Your change equals change! Together, we have the power to create lasting change.

Real Change Makers

This national initiative is a partnership between 

The Homeless Coalition & The City of West Palm Beach 


All funds will help those who are experiencing homelessness in West Palm Beach.

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